Google’s Pixel might have serious hardware issues

Google's Pixel

Google’s Pixel

Pixel might have a serious issues on its hands as numerous Pixel and Pixel XL owners are storming within the dedicated Support Forums to grumble concerning run-down microphones. Multiple owners have complained on Google’s support forums on-line that the microphones on their Google’s pixel mobiles are playing up, nonfunctional, or not operating entirely and a Google employee has confirmed that this can be a retardant with the hardware itself.

While some users report the problem is inflicting a complete audio input block, others claim the microphone works fine with the camera app when recording video. The problem does not appear to affect all Google’s pixel phones. According to the Google employee, Brian Rakowski, it effects but 125th of phones factory-made before Jan 2017, and devices built a lot of recently shouldn’t be affected. So if you are shopping for one for the first time currently, you must be okay. It looks to impact both the regular pixel and its larger sibling, the pixel XL.

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The problem isn’t entirely new. Four months ago, Redditors cried out experiencing similar problems with their new pixel phones. Because it is a hardware issue, Google cannot push a software fix to resolve the Google’s pixel problem. The phones need to be returned and replaced. If your device is affected, Rakowski recommends you to come back to the retail merchant you bought it from, whether that is a third-party store or Google directly. Despite close to universal critical acclaim, this isn’t the first time Google has had issues with the pixel and pixel XL. A lens flare caused by the physical form of the camera lens may solely be partially fixed in software system (in fairness the result looks cool most of the time) and a few software system bugs have impacted alarms, music playback and calls – though I haven’t experienced of those issues in person on my pixel XL daily driver.

Of course those of a sympathetic Complexion can consider these problems to be relatively minor compared to the likes of Samsung’s exploding batteries and Apple’s disreputable 30 minutes Battery Bug. But Google has fundamentally didn’t deliver significant pixel and pixel XL stock for months, which has highlighted its immaturity in the hardware market. That said it can’t be denied that on a technical level Google’s 1st ever premium smartphones have turned heads and with the corporate recently confirming the new Google’s pixel two, i believe 2017 may be the year Samsung and Apple recognize a worthy new rival.

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