Top Ten Most Expensive Bikes

Boys have always been crazy for bikes, since the evolution of technology and this craziness has served as a motivation to the manufacturers to manufacture those grand bikes that are more than just a bike, a representative of their strength, success and wealth. These bikes that claim to be the most expensive bikes in the world are like a fantasy for many but like a crown for those who have it. A crown that signifies they are born to rule. So here’s the list of world top 10 bikes, which has stolen sleeps of many.

Most Expensive Bikes in The World


PRICE: $120,000

Top 10 Most Expensive

At no. 10 in top 10 bikes is MV AGUSTA F4 CC is certainly one of the most exclusive and hence one of the most expensive bikes one could ever think of. What makes this bikes one of the most desired bikes is its Italian design that makes it look extremely special and hence adds to the pride of rider. This extremely rare model of bike has only 100 pieces running on street, so if you get one you are extremely lucky. Another variant of F4 version MV4 AGUSTA F4RC holds the title of being costliest bike in India at the price of $78,656. Thus for Indian bike lovers this Costliest bike of India is a must have.


PRICE: $155,000

Top 10 Most Expensive

Selling at the price of $155,000 HUBLESS HARLEY DAVIDSON is our entry at no. 9 for the most expensive bikes in the world. The bike is designed keeping in mind the natural design of Harley Davidson but surely by the adjustments made by Howard murderer, the look of this chopper is unlike any other. Harley Davidson has always impressed the world with their unique design but this one takes it to another level because of which spending money is worth it. This bike is certainly not for boys but for Men who are proud of their strength.


PRICE: $175,000

Top 10 Most Expensive

With the beast like appearance and the engine of Rolls Royce, this bike is for crazy freaking speed lovers. The MTT Turbine StreetFighter can easily generate 320 horsepower of energy that translates to the top speed of 249 miles per hour, the aerodynamic tubular aluminum frame and 17inch wheels of carbon fiber make it much easy for the beast to raid on streets. This may be expensive but at the same time is also one of the fastest motorcycles in world hence for those who want to move like storm it is always affordable. Hence, it is entry no 7 in top 10 bikes.


PRICE: $200,000

Top 10 Most Expensive

This is the only mountain bike to make it to this list and because of the simple reason that this bike deserves to be here. Trek Butterfly Madone is the most expensive mountain bike in the world. It is not really a bike but rather an artwork which utilizes the beauty of natural wings taken from butterflies. It’s a visual treat that was created in honor of LANCE ARMSTRONG’s return to cycling. This most expensive mountain bike is in the wish list of all adventure enthusiasts.


PRICE: $300,000

Top 10 Most Expensive

This exotically hot bike is too glamorous to make its owner popular throughout the city. Its build using the rarest of the material like Fe, Ti   and Xx because of which it is at no. 6 in the most expensive bikes in the world but beauty deserves a price and hence it deserves to be with the one who can afford it.


PRICE: $400,000

Top 10 Most Expensive

A bike from the time of Great Britain is like a fantasy to the history lovers. And that’s what this bike is a part of golden history of Britain. Its two-cylinder make this bike roar like a lion. Hence it is old yet powerful.


PRICE: $500,000

Top 10 Most Expensive

A chopper in itself signifies a sound economic background but now when it gets an actual gold plating than that’s something huge and surely not for commoners. The gold plated custom chopper is so beautiful that you might love it more than your wife. This golden light beauty was presented at Motorcycle Show in Seattle.


PRICE: $555,000

Top 10 Most Expensive

DODGE TOMAHAWK V10- “THE WORLD FASTEST BIKE”, that’s the only way to define this bike. Build with 8.3 liter engine of the iconic Dodge Viper this bike goes from 0 to 60 within 2.4 seconds which makes it the world’s fastest bike. It can easily reach to the top speed of 420 miles an hour.


PRICE: $750,000

Top 10 Most Expensive

ULTRA RARE PORCUPINE is a bike that was manufactured back during the time of World War II but is special enough to make it to no. 2 in this ranking. This bike is so rare that it is kept in Bike Museum and is to be sold from there only. With its powerful body this bike is surely for those who want to recall history venture.


PRICE: $1,000,000

Top 10 Most Expensive

The show-stopper, the enormous and the most expensive motorcycle is the only Harley Davidson that carries the price tag of 1 million with itself. This bike is only and only for the one who is passionate for it. It has six cylinder engines and an exclusive framework but the real reason behind its worth is its unique styling done by the artist Jack Armstrong. This most expensive motorcycle is just enough for a man to claim himself as a true bike lover.

While kids are happy with what they have, only a true man can dream so high to get one of these world top 10 bikes in his garage.

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