VPS hosting vs shared Hosting
VPS hosting vs shared Hosting

Since your web-presence matters a lot for your business, you need to create a robust digital presence to give your customers a better digital journey. That means you have to create a perfect website. In fact, you must choose the right kind of hosting to garner maximum benefit.

Since each business operates in different ways with different objectives, you need to be careful while choosing the hosting services. Let’s look at the difference between shared hosting and VPS hosting so that you can choose the best one.

Resource utilization:

Shared: As the name suggests, shared seedbox hosting would mean sharing your server resources with other users. Apparently, this has limitations because you cannot go beyond your designated bandwidth capacity.

VPS: Virtual Private Server (VPS) will give you more resources because you are not going to share server resources with any other users. This is important for business houses that are keen on expanding their business and giving their users a better digital experience.


Shared: Undoubtedly, your performance on a shared hosting server could be affected by other users. However, if your business does not demand a high performing site, then you can choose this hosting that would also free you from heavy maintenance expenses.

VPS: If your business demands high traffic website, then you should choose VPS because you can customize your application on the server, but you need to have a dedicated team that can handle and manage the whole process.


Shared: Unquestionably, security is one of the major aspects that you need to consider while choosing the hosting service. A shared hosting can never be 100 % secure for the simple reason is that it is being used by a number of users. However, some hosting service provider makes it secure by deploying dedicate teams and financial resources on that front.

VPS: If you are looking for better security, the VPS hosting should be an ideal choice because you use various customizable security features that are only available with VPS hosting service provider. If your business deals with sensitive data, then you must choose VPS hosting.

Server administration:

Shared: If you choose shared hosting, then you would not have to take care of the maintenance of the server because the hosting service provider will take care of it. As a small business house, you can save a lot of money and time that you might have spent otherwise for maintenance.

VPS: If you use VPS hosting, then you need to deploy your own administration team that can handle the server; however, you can enjoy other benefits like customizing software applications to improve security and performance of your site.

Apparently, each hosting server type has its own pros and cons and you need to carefully look at each aspect and your requirement before choosing the best one that suits your requirement. If you choose offshore vps hosting, then you might enjoy more benefits but you need to shop a bit longer to locate such service provider that can offer you the best solution.


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